The Collectors Pieces

Every label has a signature look, for Yves Saint Laurent it is the sexy, feminine yet masculine and powerful looking Tuxedo, which they recreate every year. This year wear with cigarette style trousers and bum scraping jackets, tres sexy.
For Burberry it is of course the Wardrobe classic of the Tench coat, the key to keep this looking edgy is to raunch up the sleeves & wear with a belt- Tie it up belt it tight do something that will cinch you in & give you a killer silhouette.
Lavin is the Cocktail Dress- This season think Red & Black for the Baroque Trend or all over Black for the Gothic Trend. Either way the bigger the jewels the better.
The day dress is where Chloe comes into their own, keep things relaxed yet elegant with this versitile dress.
For 2012’s take on Power Dressing go for Power Pants, Isabel Marant is great for androgynous style staples that you will wear for years to come.
And to finish with some home grown talent, Stella McCartney is Queen of the sharp suit, This season suit comes in Cobolt & Prints.

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