Can You Guess What Brand This Is?

Can you guess what brand these images are from for their recently revealed look book? The 1st one they have released. Overall I like the shoots but I think the location makes it, it give the images an expensive glamorous feel. The lingerie in my eyes is OK but I do like the black number below.
I will give you a couple of clues before I reveal who it is.
1. There are EVERYWHERE on the UK high street often receiving bad press for Child Labour in their overseas factories.
2. There reproduce catwalk trends en mass to satisfy the public lust for fast, cheap fashion, which is hopefully starting to change.
3. Their paper bags always break =D
I didn’t think you would be able to guess. It is ……………….
Primark! Yep the UK’s most popular budget chain have launched their first Look book. For the price of the underwear in the images I think they have created an OK end product, with some nice shoots. Great location especially the one with the beautiful seat & oil painting!

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