Belstaff Inspiration

Belstaff head designer took inspiration from vintage suitcases and the romanticism they evoke- that time when moving from one point to another was all about pure luxury. No budget airlines then, I love vintage suitcases and the stickers they have on them from all the places their owners have been, a little piece of history.
I have been inspired into researching travel beginning in the 1920’s to the 70’s. I love the excitement you can see in the posters and the photos. International travel was restricted to the rich though because of the high prices, travel in and around the UK was done mainly on trains as they were seen as competitive on price as well as luxurious. A bit different from now hey.
Christmas in the air 1920.
Passenger cabin 1920-1929.
Meal service 1930-1939

BOAC Air Stewardess
How glamorous is this photo! I love it.
1950’s 1959
A bit cheesy but I love it.
British Airways female uniform 1977-1985 (Designer: Baccarat Wetherall)

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