Vintage Photography

Some images just stick with you and your not sure why. I love looking in weird and wonderful places for inspiration, and I find lots of it when looking at vintage photographs. From the grainny effect of the film to the natural poses and in todays terms under stated styling, hair and make-up. Here are a few of my favs.

I love the clashing checks in this image shooting in black and white makes the print stand out even more. Its just a fun image that is finished off perfectly with the short man at the end. I would love to hang this on my wall perferably in my walk in wardrobe… I just need to get one first.

I don’t think swimwear has ever looked so good! And again it is a fun image that makes you feel like your on the beach with them. I love the outfits and would be proud to wear any of them.
Cool.. Enough said.
Oh my god I LOVE the sandals on the far right and middle left they are amazing! The cute outfits, backward facing poses and smiling faces make this another winner in my eyes. You can see how much fun they are having and thats how it should be!
Sexy, Sophisticated and Elegant I could look at this photo for ages. I love the heavily jewelled neckline, arm band and bracelet and understated make-up and hair. Just a striking image! A real head turner!
I feel the main difference in vintage photography is the element of fun and sophisticated glamour where less is more in terms of make-up, and showing less is more desirable.


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