A very proper protest.

This week saw the worlds best dressed protest when gentlemen, & women, of The Chap Magazine took to Savile Row to air their grievances 
A gang of suited, booted and top-hatted dandies voiced their displeasure with Abercrombie & Fitch’s move into the historic home of British tailoring, some companies have been there for 200 years! Placards bearing, quite catchy, slogans such as “Give Three-Piece a Chance” wear being carried around paired with well shined shoes, waxed moustaches and gleaming spectacles.

Savile Row Bespoke, and industry body representing the street’s tailors, issued a statement urging Westminster Council to block Abercrombies’s presence.
“Savile Row is known the world over as the home of bespoke men’s wear and is one of London’s most famous streets. As a result we can appreciates A&F’s desire to be a part of this. The irony is
 that their presence serves as a gradual erosion of the very character of Savile Row that they wish to benefit from. Bespoke tailors have worked here for over 200 years, that’s what makes this place special. Lose it and it’s gone forever.” 

Abercrombie which attracts queues of shoppers hungry for slogan tees and distressed denim, not quite in keeping with Savile Row’s other shops. Plans to opens a childrenswear shop at 3 Savile Row. A&F said “The response to our adult flagship has been tremendous and we look forward to giving our fans an opportunity to visit our Kid’s store in an iconic location.


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