Fashion Ads 2011

Fashion ads are serious business, and big money, I have gathered a selection of my favorite and least favorite ones.

Chavy and or boring styling as seen in Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani. To much distraction from the clothing and stiff looking models like in Gucci and Alberta Ferritti. I personally find theses adverts boring and wouldn’t give them a second look.
Tom Ford, Photographer Mert and Marcus.
Giorgio Armani, Photographer Mert and Marus. 
Gucci- Photographer Mert and Marcus.
Alberta Ferretti, Photographer Glen  Luchford.
Great styling and different quirky ideas. My absolute favorite ad shoot is by Karl Lagerfeld for Channel, its fun interesting and completely orginal. It also makes me smile and doesn’t take itself to serious which is refreshing in Fashion. The group shot for Dolce & Gabbana shows, in my opinion, strong, creative styling at its best.
Jill Sanders, Photographer Willy Vanderperre
Chanel, Photographer Karl Lagerfeld.
Dolce & Gabbana, Photographer Steven Klein.
Hit or Miss? 
So close yet so far, their are elements I love, like taxidermy, very cool at the moment, but find the country styling is a bit boring and tired. Mulberry are amazing though as their fashion viral proves. 
Mulberry, Photgrapher Tim Walker.
Pringle, Photgrapher Walter Preiffer.

I love camouflage and Pringle were so close, they just needed to go that extra step to make this a great image, the model I like but the pose no.

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