H&M Collaberations

 Ok so were all excited about the 17th November when we can get our hands on the H&M Versace collection. Its not for the faint hearted, but if past collection are anything to go by then its going to be a massive hit, the clashing prints is very on trend and will be able to be worn for a few seasons to come. You don’t have to wear them all at the same time, like above which I do love not something you would wear to nip to the supermarket, you can use one of the pieces to jazz your winter wardrobe, I will. Handbags at the ready for the 17th Nov!

Anyway even though its not been released yet it is already old news! The next collabaration is with……. The girl with the dragon tattoo of the Steig Larson trilology. I can’t wait. Punk inspired collection with piece such as tribal earing, skinny leathers, leather jackets, hoddies and more. 30 piece collection ranging from £3.99- £199. It will debut in Paris on the 28th November and then go on sale worldwide from the 14th December, availble online aswell under the divide range.


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